What is Ecopoint?

The Ecopoint concept extends the notion of redpoint by including the approach by fair means (public transport, bike, boat, foot):

by Alterales & Lena Müller
The Story of Ecopoint

In 2020, after climbing the tradroute ‘Prinzip Hoffnung’ by public transport, Lena Müller had the idea to give this sustainable approach to climbing a name. The reason being that language shapes our thoughts and cultures – including our climbing culture. Hence creating new terms could support our actions, such as our approach to climbing. She suggested the term greenpoint, not being aware that the term already existed. Together with Sofie Paulus they now want to introduce this concept under the name ecopoint to raise awareness and promote sustainable climbing.

Mission & Founder

The mission of this website is to promote and enhance sustainable mobility in climbing by providing a freely accessible community platform, where climbers can inform and inspire each other to climb more sustainably. Read more here about how to contribute your ecopoint knowledge.

This website was founded by the non-profit association IG Klettern und Bergsport Allgäu e. V., whose aim is to promote and preserve climbing and mountaineering as sustainable sport in the Allgäu Alps. The idea and the realisation came from Lena Müller.


Would you like to support this project?
  • You can contribute your ecopoint knowledge to inspire others to climb more sustainably, find out more here.
  • You can spread the word: share this website and our social media channel with your friends and followers.
  • You can support the project financially by donating to our non-profit association. Please get in touch for this.
Thanks to our existing support team:

Thanks to the VAUDE Sport Albrecht von Dewitz Stiftung, Deutscher Alpenverein, Ortovox, and POW Germany for supporting the website. Thanks to Frederick Jehle for his support in creating the website, Arthur Ternant for the cover picture, and Johannes Ingrisch for the pictures of the start page. Thanks to Edelrid for the support in creating the Logo, Alterales for drawing the comics, and theCrag for spreading the informations. Thanks to all the authors who have already contributed their ecopoint trips.