Climbing trip to Allgäu (Germany) by train and bike

Nestled in the Bavarian Alps, the Allgäu offers climbers a playground, with routes ranging from beginner-friendly to challenging. Everyone can test their skills while soaking in the region’s serene beauty. As public transport is not the best in the region, it is a great place to go climbing by bike.

Climbing trip to Uracher Alb (Germany) by train and bike/bus

The Ermstal is a valley on the Swabian Alb or Swabian Jura which forms the central part of the Jura that reaches out from France and Switzerland towards the Frankenjura. Here you can climb on limestone formations which are often located on top of the mountains and offer beautiful views into the surrounding forests. The dominating style is technical vertical to overhanging terrain often spiced up with shorter intense passages. A bus crosses the whole valley on an hourly basis, but it is also a perfect destination for the approach by bike. This is my home area where I spend as much time as possible with public transport. I open new routes (eco drilled 🙂 ) and love to discover and develop the area.

Climbing trip to Frankenjura (Germany) by train & bike

Frankenjura is one of the most famous climbing destinations in Germany. It is known for its pocket climbing on short and powerful routes surrounded by a beautiful forest. With its many crags close to each other, it is an ideal destination for a climbing trip by bike.